Friday, 17 February 2017

Drama Results

Dea scéal don scoil.
Fuair muid dhá duaiseanna ranga, aisteoir is fearr agus tá an dráma An Patrún Saileach ag dul ar aghaidh don chéad leibhéal eile!
Wonderful news:
Both plays "Hansel and Gretel" and "The Willow Pattern" have won prizes!
The Emperor from "The Willow Pattern" won "The Best Actor Award" for our group
....and......"The Willow Pattern" has made it through to the next round in Inverin (7th-10th March).
Well done to all.
Scoil Chaitríona Junior is so proud of you!!

Dramas in Kinvara

Bhí an-lá againn in gCin Mhara ar an Mháirt.
Seo video na drámaí:

More about sound

We spent more time today finding out about sound.
It was so interesting.
Today we found out about vibrations and sound waves.
Teacher had a tuning fork.
We were really surprised to see that it doesn't make much sound in air, but it makes such a clear note when we put it against our ears.
Putting a vibrating tuning fork up against a container of peas, a container of rice, a cup of water and a ping pong ball gave some very interesting and surprising results!
We know that sounds can travel through the air.  These sounds sound quite different when they travel through solids (like string).
We banged spoons off the legs of a chair.  These sounded like church bells when we put string around them and put the string up against the bones beside our ears.  It looks very funny but sounds incredible!
After investigating with straws and rubber bands yesterday we guessed that the small spoons would have high sounds and that the bigger spoons would have much lower sounds.
We were right!

Friendship Award

We have really enjoyed friendship week.
We particularly enjoyed being nice to each other, getting to know each other better game, colouring and comment competition and playing nicely in the yard.
We had a prizewinner for the colouring competition.
Well done, you really deserved it!

Sow and Grow Update

We are delighted with the seeds we planted.
The runner beans have started to grow REALLY tall.
The carrots are beginning to grow.
The cress seeds have grown enough for us to be able to taste them.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Learning about sound

We are starting to learn about sound.
Today we discovered that there are lots of ways we can make sounds with our bodies.

We thought of different ways in which musical instruments can make various sounds.
We are able to recognize objects in containers just by the sounds they make.

We discovered that small rubber bands make high sounds while large rubber bands make low sounds.
We were able to order these rubber bands from small to big, and discovered that this is the same order as high sounds to low.

We saw that long straw whistles make low sounds, but as you cut the straw whistles, the note gets higher and higher. Very long straw whistles make very low sounds. We have been practicing making notes with straw whistles.  It is much more difficult than playing a recorder!
Pan pipes and sliding whistles are similar to straw whistles-the shorter the whistle the higher the note and the longer the whistle the shorter the note.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Friendship Week

This week our focus is on being a good friend to others.
We are trying our best to be kind and to say nice things to others.
Today we picked a secret person each and we tried to say or do something nice to them today (a little like Secret Santa!)
We played a game that helped us get to know our classmates better.  We really enjoyed playing bingo with the names afterwards.
We drew our friends and wrote about what being a good friend means.
When we do something nice for someone, we can put a post-it on the fish in the corridor.
It is lovely that there are so many nice people in our class and in our school!
We have a friendship bench in school.
We can sit on this if we feel we need a friend to play with or talk to.
If someone spots a child on the bench they will offer friendship.
It is so nice to have so many good friends!